How To Take Back Control From Your Fear

Taking the first step is always the hardest thing to do, be it a journey to get fit again, or taking steps to beat your dental fear. At an evolutionary level, your subconscious mind is there to protect you and so will do all that it can to help you avoid placing yourself into stressful situations ( like going to the dentist). Our minds are cunning and will create a hundred different ways to aid us in avoiding this and procrastination is perhaps the most common way it is achieved. I will call tomorrow, I will research a bit more, I will…. you get the idea. In moments of clarity we then beat ourselves up more for this and feel worse which becomes a vicious cycle. One simple strategy to help overcome this is to work on an internal dialogue that simply says that taking one single step does not commit you necessarily to the next, that you will remain in control and only once you have taken one step then decide if you want to take the next one. Broken down it might be simply calling a dental practice out of hours to listen to the message on the answer machine, or it may be calling to ask the receptionist the opening hours….. the key thing is just to take one small step. In our bet your dental fear 7 day e-course you we talk more about exactly how to do this in a structured and non threatening way. Let us know what your first step would be?