Hopefully you have arrived here because you suffer from dental fear and are looking for solutions that can help you to get to the dentist and receive the care that you need.

If you are

  • too scared to make contact with a dental practice
  • don’t know where to start with choosing a dental practice
  • have not seen a dentist in years
  • are worried about your fear seeming odd or funny to a dentist or their team
  • someone who feels in control of every other aspect of your life but struggle with this one problem

……then you are in the right place at BeatDentalFear.com

This program was developed over a period of of more than 10 years, with the one aim of helping you to take control of your dental fear as quickly as possible. Ultimately working one to one with a dentist is the best way to conquer your fear but we realized that many people struggle to get as far as even making contact. Here we have distilled years of clinical experience down to a simple short strategy that can really help you to move forwards. 80% of participants who have taken the course on line report that their dental fear has been lowered to the point that they feel more able to book a dental visit.

This website can help you to

  • understand your dental fear better
  • understand that there is a physical and emotional part to dental fear
  • learn how one affects the other
  • identify suitable practices to contact
  • figure out what practice might be the right one for you
  • make initial contact with a dental practice
  • identify the information about your fear that will be helpful to your new dentist
  • get an appointment booked

The course takes just a little time each day over only 7 days, but your membership runs for a full 12 months so that you can revisit the material as you need to.

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